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Want to sell our products? If you wish to sell our products but simply don’t have the money to buy from us in wholesale, we encourage you to become an iCOLOUR affiliate. Here’s how it works :

  1. You sign up to our affiliate program, by filling out the form below.
  2. We assign you your unique affiliate link, which will be used to track your sales.
  3. You begin to market our products online using your unique affiliate link.
  4. When a purchase is made through your affiliate link, you will earn a commission on the sale.
  5. Payouts will be made at the beginning of every month via PayPal.

Affiliate Testimonial :

"I am making $200 per day selling your products. I promote your products on my website which sells similar products. I am actually making more money promoting your products than I am making on my website. Thanks a bunch"
- Angie

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You will earn a 25% commission on all products sold, not including shipping. You may log into your affiliate account at any time to monitor your sales and your up to date commission earnings. Payouts are made at the beginning of every month (1st).

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